WELCOME to The Yoga Pod! We offer pop up yoga events and retreats in beautiful spaces. We can also provide yoga classes for your festival, event or place of work, or private classes in your home for individuals or groups (contact us for more info on any of these).

Our classes draw on traditional yoga philosophy and practice, whilst incorporating a contemporary and creative approach to movement and a deep understanding and appreciation of the body. We work with you to develop your practice in harmony with your body as it is in the present moment. With proper attention to breath and alignment, a respect and understanding of the holistic nature of yoga, and a generous dose of playfulness, we will help you to take your practice to new places, finding more joy, peace and connection to your true self.

Vinyasa flow yoga combines breath with movement and posture in a continuous flow. Emphasis is placed on building and retaining heat in the body in order to safely and effectively mobilise joints and strenghten and stretch muscles, whilst simultaniously drawing the focus inward and calming the mind, hence this type of yoga often being referred to as a ‘movement meditation’.

Maisie Whitehead is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher and a professional dancer and aerialist. She brings her extensive knowledge of the body and movement to her yoga teaching, with careful attention to alignment of postures and a focus on working from within the individual’s present limitations in order to deepen and develop your practice harmoniusly.

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